Blogging Break

I am taking a blogging break. Just in case you haven't noticed.

I am posting regularly over at Baby Bunching, but hope to be back here when the daily load lightens a bit.


So Bad

I'm so bad. I have people actually coming up to me asking why I haven't updated my blog lately. Ok, here's the scoop. We moved. I have been painting and unpacking and painting some more. And even more painting. Did I mention the painting? And it's hard to do this when you're trying to entertain kids, work part-time and just be. So THIS blog has been neglected, I'm sorry to say.

So here's the quick update.

We just got back from the beach. I need a vacation from the vacation. It's never a vacation when you lug your kids around, right?

My kids have already done one summer camp. I love summer camp. It really is the best thing in the world. My favorite is when they come home dirty and sweaty. Then I know it was successful. Seriously.

Alex has started his first 'big boy' camp today. He's doing soccer camp with kids ages 5-12. As I walked him there this morning, I was sick to my stomach. Nervous that now he's mixing with big kids. Kids who tease and torment. What if they don't like the shirt he's wearing? He's not old enough to walk away. What if they make fun of him for eating his shirt? Yes, he actually chews on his shirt when he's nervous. What if he runs around and acts like he's three, which he does on occasion? I felt like the day I did starting high school. But he had a blast and held up like a trooper. Only thing was I had to go buy shin guards and cleats so he wouldn't be the only one without them. I'm such a sucker!


Have People Gone Mad?

I'm over at DC Metro Moms today talking about our most recent trip to Meadowlark Botanical Gardens.


Still alive

I am still alive. I swear. We have moved to our new house. And spent the whole first week experiencing sewage line issues. Can I just tell you how much fun that is?! Nothing says 'welcome to your new home' like poo in the shower.

And if moving isn't enough, I started a new part time job this week which I hope will launch me into national marketing fame. I will keep you posted on that as it unfolds. Hint: It's for the Swedish children's clothing company Polarn O. Pyret. Read up. Learn. And buy.


Ask Me About Home @ School

How's Home at School going now 5 weeks later? I'm beat and if there was ever any question in my mind about ME homeschooling MY kids, I certainly got my answer. I suck at this. I'm tired. I'm out of energy and creativity. I really must find more camps for the summer.


Kindergarten Orientation

We had kindergarten orientation this week. Did you hear me? My oldest kid starts kindergarten in the fall. Holy *&^)! As I sat in the room with all these other moms, many who looked like they too were novices of this public school game and many who were long time veterans, I just couldn't get over that I was sitting here. I remember the day he was born like it was yesterday. Sure the days, weeks, months, years have passed and much of it was a blur, but how did we get to this moment. Will I feel the same at graduation in 13 years? Thirteen years?

Anyway, the orientation went well. I was a bit confused when they showed pictures of the teachers helping the kids to zip their jackets. Apparently this is a skill 5-year-olds usually learn in kindergarten. What? My three-year old can zip her jacket!

Oh, and don't forget the part where Alex wrote with a Crayola marker on the chalkboard. Uh huh...way to make a stellar first impression on the teacher! I guess someone had left the marker on the chalk tray and he thought that meant it was OK to color on the chalkboard. Perfect!


Rocknoceros: PINK!

We have been nothing but PINK! in our house for the past week. Rocknoceros, one of our kids favorite bands, launched its new CD this week. Since they are from Northern Virginia, we were able to attend their CD launch party at Vienna's Jammin Java. Rock on! You really must check out the title song.

Rocknoceros is comprised of Coach Cotton, Williebob, and Boogie Woogie Bennie. It took my son a while to warm up to these guys for whatever reason. He loves them, but every time he saw them in concert he would cry. I finally figured out why....he felt pressure to dance, apparently. Whatever, kid. My daughter loves them and was up front in her pink dress leading the crowd this past weekend. My son was finally up there rockin' out with the rest of the preschool crowd minus the tears.

So why PINK? At Rocknoceros’ live shows, the band always asks fans about their favorite colors, and invariably, the shouts for “Pink!” are overwhelming. So, due to popular demand (especially from their young female fans), the title track of the new CD reflects the rosy color of little pigs, bubble gum and selected flowers known as perennials.

Our favorites on the new CD include Pink (both my kids think this song is the greatest), Always Tell Your Grandma That You Love Her and Big Wheel. (Really, how fast does a big wheel go?)

Great job guys on the latest CD. Can't wait to catch you at the next concert!