Potty Training Boot Camp Complete

She did it! We started on Thursday with the goal of sending Anna to school on Monday diaperless. Mission accomplished with not one accident. She even exceeded my expectations.

Tips you ask? I have none, except to say it isn't easy. Here was our schedule:

Tuesday: Found Anna changing her own diaper. Decided it was time to get serious.

Wednesday evening: Brought potty out into the living room where Anna could be with us still. Made her sit and sit and sit. She cried and fussed and finally relented. First EVER pee pee in the potty. We had two successes.

Thursday: Went to school and talked about it with her teacher. Thursday afternoon continued with making her go every hour. Many tears were shed by both Anna and me. Alex was a big help in this by encouraging her. And ultimately, it was he who got her excited about it.

Friday: Husband returns from overseas trip and is super jet lagged. Use this as excuse to stay home and potty training. Success continues. We don't leave the house with her. Two accidents.

Saturday: Spend all day in the house with Anna. Many tears from her. We can tell she's frustrated. So am I. Success many times. Attend evening gathering with neighbors and Anna goes in first foreign potty. One accident.

Sunday: No accidents at all. Goes all day. Tells us when. Learns to pull up pants.

Monday: Attends school with big girl panties. No accidents.

We haven't even addressed nighttime potty training yet, but I do remember this being a big deal with Alex. It took us a full week to get him trained at night and it was about two months after he was trained for daytime. This will require moving her into a big girl bed. Ugh. Not sure I'm ready for that so we might wait a while before we go on to nighttime training.

Whew....glad the bulk of it is over.


Anonymous said...

You rock!

Anonymous said...

How exciting. Potty training gives such an accomplishment... and I'm sure the kid feels that way too;)