Potty woes

I feel I must start a discussion on this. My daughter is now 2 and a half. She is so ready to be pottying on the potty. Today I walked upstairs and found her changing her own diaper because she had peed in it. What does that tell us?

You would think after doing this once before I'd be better prepared, but Anna is a different child. With Alex, I bribed him and three days later we were done. Almost completely potty trained. What can I say except he loves his M&Ms? Anna on the other hand will not be bribed for anything. She doesn't care about the reward. She will sit on the potty and cry and scream until my ears burn with pain. If you know my daughter, you know I'm not joking. She will hold it in as long as she can just to prove that she doesn't need the potty.

I find it endearing that even Alex has tried to get her trained. He will tell her she needs to do it, get her books and even sit with and read with her. He, too, walks out of the bathroom frustrated.

I'm looking for any suggestions beyond stickers and bribes since that route obviously isn't working. I could go cold turkey, which is probably what I need to do, but I still haven't seen her pee in the potty at all so until I do that I'm not sure that will work either. Any thoughts from readers out there?

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Anonymous said...

I don't have much advice, bribes and treats did not work with either of my kids(they are now 4.5 and 5.5). I was pretty sure I'd be sending them to kindergarten in diapers and was completely stressed about it. They both trained right around the 3 yr mark and it happened overnight. Seriously, one day they were in diapers, the next they decided they were done with diapers. No daytime or nighttime accidents, just done. So you can see why I am not the one to ask for advice, I had very little to do with the transition LOL.