Rockin' with Rocknoceros

One of the benefits to being a stay at home mom, is on the days when we have no errands, no appointments or no school, I have the opportunity to treat everyone (including myself) to a fun-filled day. You’d think these days would pop up more often than they do, but they often don’t so we try to really get the most out of them when they do.

Today, we had about 3 choices for entertainment, the kids and I chose a concert at Jammin’ Java to see Rocknoceros. I love this band. They are a local DC-area band of 3 guys who sing some of the catchy tunes for younger preschool-age children. I am all about kid music. My son has learned all the words to most of the songs and will jump around in his room with the guitar pretending to be a rock star. I mean, hey, any band who can teach you about the metric system and laugh at the fact that we have to “use the other kind” can’t be anything but fabulous.

So my two monkeys and about 75 other children piled into the Vienna coffee house that holds daily children’s concerts. A good many had on their Rocknoceros T-shirts, some carried shakers and tambourines. I was waiting for the light sticks to start swaying. The minute the band started, the kids took to the floor jumping, dancing, screaming, singing and twirling. The band just came alive with the response. My two weren’t too sure about the three-year old mosh pit in the front row so they sat with me. But I couldn’t help think what makes grownups decide that a great career is singing for preschoolers about potty training, brushing your teeth and learning to count. The first time I saw the Wiggles performing, I thought to myself, “have you no shame?” But I watched the room just come alive, the kids, the moms, the band. Everyone seemed to be in the moment. The lead singer “Coach” spent most of the time cracking up at the incidents in the audience. He knew many of the children by name--obviously groupies. What does it feel like to be a rock star for kids? As far as my son is concerned, these guys are rock stars to him.

Moms were beaming as well. Perhaps it’s because they enjoy seeing their wee ones having a blast. Perhaps it’s because they enjoy the music as well with their Jammin’ Java coffee. Perhaps it’s because the lead singer is even a bit on the geeky cute side. (Even I will admit that Anthony from the Wiggles is good looking.)

At $5 a kid, the 45 minutes of entertainment for all three of us, was totally worth the price and drive—even if my son had a breakdown about the noise level. Following the concert, we stopped for lunch on the way home. I’m not sure if you can get any better than music and a meal for a morning out. Doesn’t it beat sitting in front of the TV watching Dora?

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