Buying for Baby #2

People always ask me what gifts are suitable for friends having their second or third babies. Like most moms having first babies, we easily received gifts to outfit a set of triplets and then some. But what do you buy a friend, relative, office mate who’s having a second or third baby? What do you request if you are having another baby? Here are the top 11 things discussed amongst my playgroup moms as the top gifts to give/receive:

1. Dinners: You thought there was no time to cook with the first baby, there is even less this time. Making dinners that can be frozen are so helpful during those early weeks. If you want to put some more umph into it, check out places like “Dinners Done Right,” or “Let’s Dish.”

2. Babysitting: Come on, let’s face, the best gift is the gift of time. Even if you can only take the older child for a playgroup, you’ve given your mommy friend a little time to check up on email, write thank you notes or just rest.

3. Personalized items (blankets, frames, lovies, etc) since the first baby probably has tons baby #2 and #3 might like a thing or two with their names on it. Check out: http://www.twotinas.com/, http://www.redenvelope.com/, http://www.littlepinkpansy.com/

4. Sling: You might have tried the sling the first time, but believe me, you will want to make this work with another one. You will need your hands free as much as possible. They have tons of great slings on the market now that are fun and chic. Check out these site for some fun ones. http://www.kangarookorner.com/ or http://www.hotslings.com/

5. Towels (personalized): A new towel for the new baby can be fun. I’m sure mom is tired of seeing the same old towels. A new one with the baby’s name makes it easy to know whose towel belongs to whom.

6. Diaper bag: Mom might be tired of her diaper bag that now has goldfish ground into the bottom mixed in with some dried, sticky apple juice. A new diaper bag is always welcome for the second baby. Diaper bags, like slings now come in lots of fun colors and sizes. Check out http://www.pokkadots.com/ or http://www.babybungalow.com/. I love the new Skip Hop ones that can fold up and go into your current purse/bag or clip to the stroller.

7. Play yard: Your new wee one might need some protection from the older one or you might want to trap in the older one (depending on the age) if you need to quick take care of something and ensure their safetly. Check out this play yard from Right Start: www.rightstart.com/global/store/product~item~1877.html

8. Second car seat: Moms might not be thinking ahead to the bigger carseat. Sometimes they think they’ll be moving the older one out into a booster in time for the younger one to step up to the convertible car seat. Unless the kids are 4 years apart, you might surprised. The number #1 carseat is the Britax Marathon. It does everything, but costs a pretty penny. It holds kids up to 60 pounds and is supposed to be super comfy. I don’t know since I don’t sit in it, but it’s the Cadillac of car seats and sometimes moms can’t stomach buying another one.

9. Newborn baby toys: Those toys just look gross after the first one. They’ve been sucked on, thrown, chewed. Doesn’t a new baby deserve a fresh “chew toy.”

10. New gadgets: Bumbo seat, Snuggle Me wraps. The latest and greatest gear that has come out since the last baby.

11. Replace the old: Bibs, washcloths and even soft shoes like Robeez get worn out after one baby. New, fun ones for the second are appreciated.

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