Apple Pickin’

One of the fun things about having four seasons in Virginia (vs. our native Texas where they have two: hot and hotter) is the changing of the foods with each season. It’s officially fall and that means apples! Fortunately, for me, my kids love apples—apple juice, apple sauce, apple slices and just plain whole-with-the-skin-on apples. I’m guessing the reaction to “pick your own” might have been different if I said let’s go pick radishes or lettuce. But they were totally on board with this activity.
Andrew’s sister, the kids and I hauled ourselves out to Purcellville, VA, to the Crooked Run Orchard. It was about a half-hour commute to the farm. There was no gimmicky fest that went with this orchard. You drive out, drive into the driveway, you’re handed a bucket and you pick. My kid’s couldn’t have been more delighted by this outing. Ok, well, Anna was less than thrilled with the walk to the trees, but after eating an apple she was fine. We had our pick of a half dozen or so types of apples and at 75 cents a pound I figured we’d take all we could carry back in the two buckets.

Once they figured out their contribution was 100% in this project—Ellen and I just stood there and facilitated (you know, don’t get the ones on the ground, get the big ones, don’t get mushy ones, etc)—anyway, once they figured out this was all about them, they loved it. The buckets were full after 15 minutes. Anna looked at me with her half-eaten apple in her hand and said, “all done, let’s go home.”

I rolled my eyes a bit since we had driven 30 minutes out here for 15 minutes of work, but the walk to the trees was a good one and walk back, as well. They stopped to play at a creek for a good bit of time so all in all, we were there about an hour. I had packed a full picnic before leaving, but we were waylaid by the Golden Arches on the way home—making the trip truly a perfect journey for the kids.

I am now the proud owner of 18 pounds of apples, all of them too tart to eat raw so needless to say I’m open to great recipes that use lots of apples.

All in all, a good kid activity for good priced, locally grown food. I figured it’s never too early to teach your children about where the food we eat comes from either. Alex was ready to take them home and make apple cake, which I will be doing this afternoon.

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