Back to school: C’mon it’s preschool!

Unfortunately for us, ‘Back to School’ doesn’t start until next week, but today we had our “meet the teacher” for both Anna and Alex. Since this is Alex’s 4th preschool (2 Swedish schools and Frying Pan Park Preschool), I wasn’t too nervous for him. Basically, they play, read, sing some songs and have a snack. As long as he’s having fun and behaving himself, then I’m not too concerned. He has crazy advanced verbal skills so I don’t worry about communication issues and he’s extremely social so I don’t worry about socialization issues—other than the pushing and hitting. But I was a bit nervous before meeting Anna’s teacher since this is Anna’s first experience with school. Even though, Anna was ready for school last year when we took Alex twice a week. Luckily, her teacher, who has both a 3- and 1-year old seemed fairly capable of facilitating playing, reading, singing and eating snack.

One mom sat and asked about million questions about the schedule. For me, I only want to find out when and how long recess is and when and how long open play is. C’mon it’s preschool. My three-year old can write his name with much effort so if they can teach him to hold a pencil correctly all the time and have him at least get the letters going in the left-to-right direction then I’m good! (He likes to write them right to left which my husband keeps telling him is the Arabic way of writing A-L-E-X). And if Anna can keep from biting every boy in school, then we have ourselves a winning year.

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