Better than Benadryl

Foggy came to live with us before Alex was even born. He was a gift from Grandma Edie though I often think he may have been a gift from God. Froggy isn’t very big, and I’m sure he wasn’t expensive. Froggy used to be green and white, but if you ask Alex he’ll say he’s grey and yellow. (Yes, he’s dirtied and faded just that much even after weekly washings.) Froggy doesn’t leave the house except for doctor visits or trips out of town. And every time he does make it out for an airing we pray that he returns home safely.

Today Alex was stung by a bee on his toe. He screamed in so much pain from the sting. Really cried. Not the fake crying that we usually hear. After I cuddled him for a bit, he begged for Froggy. We had to leave the playdate and drive home, crying and sobbing the whole way. I carried him into the house because he insisted his toe hurt too much to walk. We walked in the door and handed him Froggy. Immediately, you could see his pain melt away. Sometimes I truly believe that Froggy must absorb pain, sadness or fear. Perhaps that’s why he’s so discolored. I didn’t hear another word about the bee sting for the rest of the night except Alex deciding that he didn’t like bees anymore.


Heather Whitman said...

In our house it's Sunshine, a blue dog and Alien, a panda bear. My son likes them to be swaddled, each in their own blanket and often calls out in the night if they become unwrapped. My daughter has her babies and all is right in the world when they're in her arms. Gotta love the lovies!

purplemommy said...

For Max it is Clifford the Big Red Dog, even at 5 years old he can't sleep without him. Funny thing is Owen wants the same lovey, Max's Clifford.