First Day of School Report Card: Half Success

I was singing while cleaning up the dishes last night. I had an extra spring in my step on the way to bed. Today is the first day of school for both my kids. Granted they only were set to go for an hour and 15 minutes each for a “phase in” period, but it didn’t matter because today was the day!

Fooled again. This morning after we got the kids dressed, took the obligatory first-day-of-school pictures, Alex complains of his tummy hurting while Andrew is reading him a book. I feel his head. He’s hot! Take his temperature. It’s 101 degrees. It’s like in movie when the moment comes to a screeching halt with the scratching of a vinyl record. “No way,” I say. “He’s acting fine. He’s going to school.” After Andrew and I argue for a while over this, I make the dreaded call to school explaining that I get the prize since I have the first kid who is home sick. Score! Immediately, as I hung up the phone, Alex begins to cry about how he wants to go to school and see his teachers, play with the water table and do dress up. Then as the morning progresses, he’s jumping on the bed, playing as usual, screaming at his sister. Business as usual, as far as I can see. Where did this fever come from?

Anna, however, did make it to school today. She had her abbreviated school day. This is Anna’s first time at school, and she was ready for the day sometime last year. We worked to pack up her bag last (spare change of clothes, diapers, etc.). This morning after a good breakfast, we pulled into the parking lot. She said “Hi school. Bye Alex. See you later.” We walked into her classroom. She immediately darted to the easel with paints set up. I talked to the teacher for about a minute. Looked at Anna and explained I would be leaving and would return soon. She looks up from her painting project, smiled and said, “Bye bye Mommy. See you later.”

When I went to pick her up, she didn’t run to me or cry like she does when I drop her at the gym. She waved hello as she was painting. (Seriously, I don’t think she left the easel the whole time I was gone.) But she seemed happy to see me and happy to go home, too. The report from Ms. Charisma was she had a fabulous time.

Hopefully, Alex will be well for his Wednesday class, and Thursday they both can go together. First day report: Half success.

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