Please drive through . . . Safeway?

One of the other things I miss about Sweden is small markets. I used to stop on the way home from somewhere at our local (very small grocery store) corner market, jump out, grab a dozen eggs/carton of milk/veggies and dash out. No big parking lots, no big lines and easy to navigate--just your typical European corner market. The clincher on this one that made it even easier sometimes…..I could leave my kids in the car. [Gasp] I know moms around the country are ready to just call in right now and report me to Child Protective Services. And, no, I have not done this here, believe me, my husband warned me about that before we came back. But in our little suburb in Stockholm we could do this. Just leave the kids strapped in the car and dash in for a few items. It was great for a mom of two under two. In fact, you could even leave them outside the shop sleeping in a pram and run in and shop. Crazy, huh? I think a Danish woman in NYC was arrested for this.

This is why I think some inventive grocery store needs to come up with a drive-through window. No, it’s not that I’m lazy. I often do walk to our grocery store. But sometimes on the way home from somewhere, you just need a gallon of milk or a loaf of bread to hold you over until morning. With two little ones, it is hellish to unload kids, wrestle them into the cart , run in the store, stand in line and reload everyone into carseats for just one item.

I would love to go somewhere that has a drive through where you call ahead, give them your name and you just pick it up your item(s) without unloading the kids. It would have to be 5 items or less, and you’d have to not be picky about the brand, but I think it could work. If grocery stores like Wegmans (see Reston Baby related blog post) can come up with child care for grocery stores, surely someone can make a drive-through window.


KMF said...

I didn't realize the value of drive-thru until I had my first child.

Harris Teeter in Charlotte, NC has a form of the drive-thru. You call or order ahead online, drive to the store, drive up to an intercom and someone brings out your stuff.

I am happy to have recently moved to a place where drive-thru espresso is a norm.

purplemommy said...

Here, here.

Ainsley said...

I totally agree! If only for the times my baby was sleeping!

Anonymous said...

Hi Linda-
You can do that at Harris Teeter here in Reston - call ahead and they load them into the car. I haven't ever done it, but I know people who love it.
:) Laura Witten

Katie said...

They have those in Ohio, you just moved to the wrong state!