Mom is a pack mule

Dear God,

Not sure who to address this concern with so I thought I’d start with you. When I woke up this morning, everything seemed normal. The kids and I left for our trip to the zoo with our usual 3.5 bags (diaper bag, picnic bag, purse and one kid backpack). When we arrived at the zoo, I felt OK, but something changed. With only one stroller the kids took off. I was left pushing an empty stroller full of bags and other random stuff. As the day warmed up, Kids were throwing sweaters and hats without so much as a thank you. Sippy cups were loaded on me as well.

Before 10 a.m., I had become a pack mule. Perhaps if you looked at me, I would look the same, but something inside snapped.

As the kids pooped out and one child climbed into the stroller, and the other climbed on my shoulders? Here I am walking through the zoo with a 40-pound toddler on my shoulder and the other 30-pound one in the stroller. What am I? Oh, yes, I am a pack mule. Lucky me, since sometimes I have to carry both on a hip at least I had the stroller.

We got in the car, loaded up the 3.5 bags, water bottles, snack remnants, trash, books, toys and went home. When we got there, I picked up all the four shoes which were thrown at me during the drive, the 3.5 bags, water bottles, books, toys and tissues to carry into the house.

After I finally had a chance to eat and drink some water and take a rest, we moved outside for afternoon activities with the neighbors. Out came the bikes, the scooter, the toy stroller, cars, baby dolls, water bottles, sippy cups, rocks, shells and snacks. Not all at once of course.

As the game changed new supplies were needed and kids would go in and get more. Before I knew it, most of our kid items were outside. As dinnertime grew nigh, the enthusiasm for children hauling things waned. Finally, as the last tantrum ceased, I was expected to load the bike, scooter, toy stroller, cars, baby dolls, water bottles, sippy cups, rock and shells (at least the snacks were gone) back into the house in one trip all while keeping track of the kids. Are you surprised I was able to get it all back home in one trip? Other moms know it can be done. We all know it comes with the job description. We all do it with a smile and a giant-ass sigh as things are hurled our way. We do it because we love our kids and it’s just the way the day goes.

But tomorrow, dear God, my arms, shoulders, legs and back need a rest. How about if I could just be mom and carry the 3.5 bags around instead.


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