My little art gallery

When my oldest brought home his first piece of “artwork,” I was elated. It actually came as part of a goodbye packet when he finished his Montessori school in Sweden. Bound together with staples, were all his colorful drawings, paintings and assorted creations. I distributed and immediately sent to the grandparents.

Over the past couple of years, various pieces of artwork have come home from school and been hung on the refrigerator, in my husband’s office, at grandma’s house or down in the playroom. But this year’s school is different. They highly encourage artwork with supplies that would normally make a mess in my house. I am so excited that my kids can get their finger painting, glittering and gluing done at school.

Since my kids started their new school, each day both children come home with no fewer than six masterpieces between them both. I have used some for filler when packing boxes, some are hung on the frig, some were used as wrapping paper and most, quite sadly are “filed” away into our special artwork receptacle (aka the trashcan). It’s not that I’m trying to be mean or kill trees, and I certainly don’t fault the teachers. (Thank God they are doing the crafting at school.) But really, what am I to do with 24 painted, colored, or glued-on paper plates? Or even three to four 11.x 17 sheets of painted paper that end up in Anna’s school bag? That’s a lot of art work for my tiny little art museum.

Any suggestions on what to do with hundreds of art created by my little children’s hands? I do save the special ones and the ones that show progress to another step, but am I fool to throw them out?


Heather Whitman said...

I store all of Carter's art projects in a big bin. I go through them at the end of the school year and save several that are especially nice. He also comes home with paper with random scribbles. These don't make it to the bin. Between 5 days of school per week and art projects at church, you just can't keep everything.

Ainsley said...

I'm going to frame the really nice ones and hang them in a fun place -their bedrooms, or a playroom if you have one... I'll probably ditch the rest after a while =)

KMF said...

I like what a friend of mine does. She has framed a bulletin board (3'x2'). She hangs as much "art" as will fit on it. When it is full, she takes a picture of it. Then she prunes it, keeping some pieces and getting rid of others. She keeps a photo album of the "art gallery" photos.

My Life As It Is said...

I too do what a few of the commenters have suggested. I've gotten frames for a few of them and hung them up, others I have put in a storage container. Son LOVES looking thru them on rainy afternoons (he is 9 now). The art load also slows down BIG time once they hit elementary school.
Another idea is to take a picture of it and then you can make a 4x6 size photo album of their artwork and keep it on the coffee table. They'll love looking thru it and remembering making them.

purplemommy said...

Also, remember it is often the process that is important. The actual doing. So save what is special to you and don't feel bad about throwing the rest.

Tricia said...

One of my good friends scans a copy of her kids art and saves it digitally in her hard drive. Then, she can keep the memories, print copies, or create scrapbooks later without having to crate around huge receptacles of paper projects. (I think she does actually keep one or two of the best pieces here and there). There also is a cool website somewhere that I've lost track of where you can scan in some of your child's artwork, and they'll create a poster featuring a neat collage of it for you.