Two hours!

So after I complained about my monkeys in yesterday’s post, they seemed to have redefined their role in the household today. After struggling overnight with a head cold, congestion and about three hours of sleep, I woke up to two agreeable children.

What’s this?

This morning I got two hours, yes, that’s right two whole hours of children playing together nicely. They ate their breakfast, hopped down from their chairs and went right to work on playing for two hours. I was able to clean up the breakfast dishes, read the entire paper, take a shower, get dressed, start the laundry and get full make up on before we had to leave the house. There were no tears this morning, no fighting and no pushing. Dare I say, the morning was filled with [whisper] playing, reading, sharing and cleaning up. All of this unsolicited. You think I’m lying? After my shower, I walked into Alex’s room to see them playing Legos. He was teaching Anna how to build and how to share. Then I hear them cleaning up with Alex instructing Anna on how to do it. Five minutes later I walk in and the room was cleaned up.

The day concluded with Alex coming up to Anna saying, "Anna I have a surprise for you?" He had brought her favorite toy!

Who are these children and may they live in this house forever?

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