Band aids are the new stickers

Every child I know is addicted to Band Aids. I don’t think they even need pictures on them to like them. My son took a while to warm up to Band Aids, but once he realized they came with a cuddle and a kiss, they became the new thing to whine about when nothing else was wrong. I'm sure Johnson and Johnson knows this and is raking in the dough on us moms buying Band Aids every trip to the store. I think I'm going to start buying them in bulk. We have them in all characters—Dora, Diego, Hello Kitty, Backyardigans, Spiderman, etc. I don’t even think my kids know half of these characters.

Recently, I think Band Aids have replaced stickers in my house. I find them on the floor, in towels, on lovies, in the bathtub, in the toilet, in the car and everywhere else but on the boo boo. Luckily, I have a special box stored away in my bathroom out of the sight in case we ever really have blood since we’ll certainly be out of Band Aids if we really need them.

Oh, and kudos to my neighbor Heather for thinking to put them in birthday party goody bags. I was able to let my kids go to town on Band Aids just for the sake of it.

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