Conversations of babies

This was the discussion at the breakfast table earlier this week:

Alex: Daddy, I think I want to have a new baby.
Daddy: Really. Where did that come from? (My husband looking at me as I shrug.)
Alex: I just want to have a new baby.
Mommy: You do know that would mean you’d have to share your toys with someone else. It would be like having another Anna.
Anna: I am Anna. We can have two Annas.
Daddy: Well, we can't just have a new baby. Mommy and daddy have to decide to make one. Then we have to wait while the baby grows in mommy's tummy.
Alex: What does that mean.
Mommy: We have to cook one up. Make a baby.
Alex: But God makes you.
Daddy: Yes, God does make you. (Starts muttering about something here and Alex's eyes glaze over)
Daddy: If we had a baby what would you like a brother or a sister?
Alex: A sister.
Daddy: Really, what should we name her?
Alex: Isabella.
Daddy: Why should we name her Isabella?
Alex: Because we don’t have an Isabella. (Alex smiles) Mommy, can I have more cereal?

No, I am not pregnant!

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Tiffany said...

Oh, that's funny! He must really like his sister to ask for another one. Cute!