Do I really look under 21?

I love Trader Joe's. I love that it's super kid friendly. I love that they provide snacks at the store. I love that most of the workers there know me. I love that I can get wine for $3.49 and Ritter Sport for $1.99. And yet, I do NOT love being carded for my 'Two Buck Chuck.' (aka Charles Shaw Chardonnay)

Today at peak rush hour--4:30 p.m. on a Saturday--when the lines were snaking back through the food aisles, and they were calling out "man overboard" every few minutes, I was asked for ID. Standing there with my two kids--one who was climbing out of the cart--the checker actually had the nerve to ask for my ID. OK, I may look younger than my age, but seriously, do I look under 21? I'm 32! Thirty two with two kids. Surely the two kids factor is some kind of rite of passage.

If you saw a woman struggling with her kids, trying to keep them all together in the middle of grocery-store madness on a Saturday afternoon, wouldn't you just open the bottle of wine and offer her a glass instead of asking for her ID? I think so! Stupid check out lady.


purplemommy said...

Hey, I'm 37 and I still get carded (see my post on my recent hair color change). But you made me laugh with this one anyway.

My Life As It Is said...

I hated getting carded when I was in my late 20's/early 30's and especially when I had my child with me. But, I can't rememer the last time I got carded now. And the other day when buying a FooFighters music CD the clerk had the nerve to ask if it was me buying this or if it was for my son. I miss the days of being-over-21-but-still-being-carded!