Lovin' Chick-fil-A

Ok, while I do try to limit our fast food intake to once every couple of weeks, more times than not it's about a once-a-week treat for the kids. The one thing Chick-fil-A has going for it is over McDonalds is the kid's meal toy. They are not toys, but books or CDs. Most of the time they make great car activities, and if they are destroyed, no big deal. But a few months back, on the way to the playground for a picnic we hit the Chick-fil-A kid meal jackpot!

With my two meals, I got two different Between the Lions CDs (a green and purple one). Now I know my kids haven't seen the show, since we don't have TV, but I think somewhere along the way I must have seen this on PBS. But the CD is great! It's full of songs about the alphabet, rhyming and word structure, and contains fun stories that even I knew from childhood like the Gingerbread Man.

When Alex needs quiet time or wants to build with Legos, he retreats to his room, turns on the CD and listens to the songs/stories over and over again. Today he asked me if we could get another one to add to our collection. I thought about FreeCycling to see if someone had one lying in the back of their car. How could I get another one? He loves it so much, and it seems to amuse him for good chunks of time. I knew I would have to locate one . . . quickly.

A friend came over to play this afternoon with her twins and we were talking about the CDs. She says to me: Wait a minute, I think I might have one in my bag.

Sure enough, she pulls a red one out of her bag that he doesn't have. (We only need the orange one to complete our collection.) She admited she was prepared to just toss it. Alex was delighted to have a new one for his collection. Thank God for mommy friends and diaper bags.


kim said...

I totally agree about Chick-Fil-A - Em adores their little books; the toddler ones were a godsend for the diaper bag. Their fruit cup is pretty great too, although Em's latest infatuation is the cole slaw!

Heather said...

I just wish they didn't use peanut oil!

Ainsley said...

We use Chick-Fil-A "toys" for car entertainment, too. I love them! Wyatt can reach in the pocket right in front of him and pull out a book to read. My husband says he likes the toys better from McD's though. Go figure. =)

purplemommy said...

I'm with Heather on the peanut oil. Wish we could go there too.