Sibling love . . . today

After dinner this evening, my kids disappeared to the basement while I cleaned up the dishes. (Yes, husband works late again.) I come down to find them playing dress up--he's Buzz Lightyear and she's a fairy complete with wings. They are taking flying leaps off the steps (an approved activity if it's from the third step).

The playing continues rather nicely until I finish cleaning up. I slip into the next room to check some email and all is quiet. I hear these words:

I'm not going to ask you again.
I will help you.
Good job, Anna.
No, you should turn it around this way.

I walk into the room and see them both sitting on the floor in their underwear/diaper working on a puzzle. Alex is master of puzzles, and Anna has quite the time trying to get just two pieces together. But seeing them working together on anything was a nice change. Who are these kids?

Every once in a while I am relieved that my kids are spaced so closely. How nice for me that I have some time to do a few things and they can play together.

That's not to say everyday is like that. Yesterday I found Alex pushing Anna against a wall and trying to gouge out her eyes with his fingers. Ah, yes.....memories are always being made in this house. There's nothing like sibling love. Or is that rivalry.

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Lindsay Lebresco said...

Ahhh.. I loved the part of them playing so nice together but even more I loved the part about him trying to gauge her eye's out! That's terrible but I have an older boy and a younger girl- 19 months apart and the "nice" thing RARELY seems to happen. They're young yet - 1 and 2 1/2 but tell me it doesn't start for another year??!! Someone is going to get hurt! (it just might be my son- when I lose my patience!) :) Thanks for sharing- love these sibling stories...