Simply Fall

I love Fall. I love the light, the beautiful colors on the trees and the cooler temps. I can’t compare it to the other seasons since I think each has its own special qualities. This afternoon, the kids and I enjoyed fall the simple way. The weather was just perfect—fleece only weather—to take a walk in the surrounding forested trails near our house. This is one of the things I love about Reston. A short walk will take you into a whole new, calming world away from the crazy life of suburbia.

The kids hopped in the wagon—Radio Flyer with all-terrain wheels (I knew this would come in handy eventually)—and we started our nature hike. No destination just a walk through the trees to enjoy the weather. We stopped along the way to watch the squirrels, play at the playgrounds, throw rocks off bridges into the streams. So often we walk and I have to hurry them along to get here and there. But today, we just walked.

The kids took turns pulling the wagon full of random stuff we picked up along the way. I turned around now and then and would catch one of them squatting on the ground looking at something or staring off into the distance. I wondered what they might be thinking. My son stopped, looked up at the sky, sighed and said: Mommy, the trees look so beautiful. I love fall. Let’s collect some pretty leaves to take home.

And that was just what we did.

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