Sometimes I just need a little Christmas

I looked around the room at my daughter’s preschool last week and savored all the simply-made Christmas decorations by two-year olds. The room was fully donned in green and red. As we were preparing for her Christmas party, we danced to the tunes playing on the CD player. Thanks to one mom, we planned a great party around the kids complete with cookie decorating, card and ornament making, gift bow halos and shaving cream finger painting. One mom even tried her cake decorating skill with a very lavish cake looking like a present. It was one of the best school Christmas parties I’ve been too. Maybe it was because Anna doesn’t eat the cookies with such greed as Alex does. Maybe it was because I only had one child to look after. Or maybe it was because it was 100% Christmas.

We commented on how nice it was to have a Christmas party for a change. Granted, she does go to a Christian preschool so that lends itself to embracing the reason for the season.

With all the Happy Holidays these days, sometimes I just need a little Merry Christmas.


purplemommy said...

I have to say I was a little annoyed with Max's Holiday program at school. Since October he has been singing "I want a hippopotamus for Christmas." Just after Thanksgiving it was changed to "I want a hippopotamus for the holidays." I don't know why I was so annoyed. Maybe just because they seem to be able to introduce any other religion in class with no problems. I know they had a menorah and played the dreidal game and back in October celebrated the end of Ramadan with a fellow classmate. I think it is great that they celebrate and that my son is introduced to many religions yet why is it that the holiday the majority of the class celebrates gets the short end of the stick? Is it really wrong to sing the word "Christmas" at a Holiday Concert? Am I being insensitive?

Z. said...

Hey Linda, I saw your picture at Alex's (my son's ;-)preschool, the same one you have on your blog. My name is Zoya, I'm with Fairfax IV, but I do not participate much since I work FT. I just wanted to drop you a line and tell you that I also enjoyed Merry Christmas vs. Happy Holiday party at UCP ;-) We had one today in Alex's class.