Potty success!!!

I must amend my post from yesterday. I changed the potty strategy a bit after my husband asked again repeatedly from the opposite side of the world if Anna was potty trained. (Is this really necessary? To have pressure from abroad?)

Yesterday, I moved the potty into the living room so she could be part of the activities. She didn't cry and didn't protest. But sat for an extended period of time. Nothing. But the mood was better. This evening, we gave it another go keeping the potty in the middle of everything and we had two successes. Not only was she super surprised at the reaction and praise from me, but she received a 'high five,' good job and hug from her big brother. Oh please let this be the beginning of the end of diapers. This morning we had yet another success after Alex convinced her to come in and go with him. Perhaps the key is having your almost-four-year-old potty train the little one.

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