Spring fever. . . in January

We in the DC area have been hit with wonderful spring-like temperatures this week and as a result my new years has turned around. It's as if the weather hit my reset button and we're ready to give the new year a new try.

With temperatures close to 70 degrees, which is very unusual for this part of the country when January and February seem to be our snowy months, the neighborhood has come alive. So much alive that I don't mind the fact that my husband is on a different continent right now. In two days, we've hit 3 playgrounds, played soccer, baseball, basketball, raked and jumped in the leaf piles. My kids dragged out their sandals and short-sleeved shirts. The bikes, scooters and wagons were cleaned off and set to rolling again.

Even I had sparks of energy for cleaning and organizing. False sense of spring cleaning, perhaps. I wish every year we were promised a break in the cold for a bit of warm temperatures and sunny days. It helps air out the kids from being cooped up inside and it helps me readjust my attitude to get in gear for 2008! Thank you mother nature for this beautiful day.

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