All Work and No Naps Makes Mommy Very Grumpy

So, we've said goodbye to the crib for Anna. With it, I was certain would come the end of naps for her. But the disappearing nap award goes to my oldest child. (About time, you say?) Alex has decided to nap only every few days. What does this leave me? Grouchy! While I still get an hour of peace--by forcing him to stay in his room for an hour--I get a tired, fussy and demanding four-year old. He's almost to the point of unruly and confrontational. I'm not sure if this is the the lack of napping or simply his age.

On top of that, he has totally abandoned any listening ability he has learned in the past four years. I might as well say 'I'm leaving you and moving to Mars' for all he cares. Nothing is working. Not the 1-2-3 Magic I so often praise. No reverse physchology. No amount of bribing. I am fresh out of ideas and patience these days.


ARomero said...

Welcome to the no nap club! Grant went through this too. It took him a few weeks to get used to not napping and actually being a nice person. Just give it time. Good luck and feel free to drop him off here - we are definitely not napping!

purplemommy said...

Also, welcome to the world of the obstinant four year old. It gets better when they are oh about five.