From Ghosts to Rocks

Last week, in my last-minute attempt to get my house cleaned and organized before my girls' weekend away, I very nicely asked (ahem...begged) my kids to entertain themselves for a bit while I cleaned my very dirty bathrooms.

I was surprised to find that their imaginations still worked and they were able to entertain themselves for almost two hours--hey, don't I know that sounds unbelievable--playing ghosts and rocks. One might ask 'how do you play this game?' Well, it's very easy. You find two good-sized blankets. Bam, instant ghosts. They would "woooooooo woooooo" around the house. Each room had some kind of secret Alex/Anna theme. Laundry baskets, bean bags, rocking horses, chairs, beds all became props of some kind. Then they would instantly turn to 'rocks' and pretend to be as still as possible under the blankets. After an hour they spiced up the game by playing it naked! But, heck, I didn't care. It meant I cleaned a good part of the house while having ghosts and rocks around to entertain.

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