Open Gym Available in Northern Virginia...Finally!

While Northern Virginia is filled with tons of outdoor activities (zoo, gardens, parks, playgrounds, farms, etc.) it is really lacking in places to take kids on rainy, snowy or super hot days. I have long been waiting for the perfect indoor playground or even a coffee shop with a play area.

Today after a tip from a friend, we decided to check out Sport Bounce in Ashburn. Let me just say, this place is a great starting point for indoor fun. It's a large space filled with eight inflatable moonbounces. They are different sizes, with obstacle courses and slides--fun for kids as small as 18 months and as old as probably seven years old. Even I had a fun on some of them. (Yes, moms are allowed to jump too.) The facility is one of the cleanest I have ever seen, with nice bathrooms and an area with benches in the middle. There are two separate rooms which are perfect if your kid needs a break from the chaos. They even have coffee!

The cost is a little high $9 per kid and $7 for siblings. No food is allowed during the Open Gym. I'm not sure if that's for allergy reasons or to keep the moon bounces clean. We managed to sneak a banana right near the entrance since my kids were pretty hungry after an hour of bouncing.

The staff seems open to suggestions for the facility. My only suggestion would be to have a gate before entering the "room" because a child could get separated and roam out of the building if not careful. A baby gate might help give one more layer to little escapees. The other suggestion is to have a "snack" area. Two hours of jumping is a long time and both of mine really needed some recharge after all of that. Someone else mentioned a small area with a ball pit for the little ones would be a nice addition for those that have younger siblings who can't quite do the whole moonbounce thing.

But it's an excellent place to take your kids on a yucky or hot day and once word spreads, I hope Sport Bounce will flourish and profit so it will stick around for a while.


Heather said...

Thank you! I think we'll check it out this week.

Anonymous said...

Just returned from visiting this place..... it was awesome!! My three year old didn't want to leave as he made some friends in the giant cake moonbounce. Such a nice addition to the places I take my kids to weekly to get out of the house. Thanks for the suggestion. We'll be repeat visitors!

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