Our Calm Amid the Storm Today

Our house has been a battleground all day. I battled Anna back to bed last night and this morning at 5:50 a.m. when she decided she was up for the day. I fought with Alex over this breakfast cereal that I so graciously offered when he came downstairs this morning. I battled with him over a short-sleeve T-shirt (me insisting that since it was 23 degrees this morning short sleeves were not acceptable.) What a mean mommy, huh? After 15 minutes, I relented. Exhausted. I got mine when he walked out and cried because he was cold and agreed he should have listened to me.

Even on a day when both kids went to school, I seemed to spend most of it arguing with someone and striking deals. Seems I shouldn't be the one having to do this.

But even amid the battles, I had a pleasant moment during Anna's haircut today. She loves going to Cartoon Cuts to have her haircut, and it means she can watch 10 minutes of Wiggles during the whole thing. But there she sat .... Miss Sassy ... sitting quietly (for the first time all day) in the chair donned in full salon cape mesmerized by the show. I had 10 minutes to just look at her cute quiet face, including her big chubby cheeks which are usually busy screaming at someone. Every few minutes she would look over at me--in between hair snips--and smile. I think this is what it is like for those who can sneak in after bedtime and watch their quiet, sleeping children.

Of course, we went right back into the swing of things after the haircut, but for just a few minutes I got to enjoy just watching her and all her potential sweetness which I hope may flourish again after toddlerhood ends.

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Robin said...

We're big fans of Cartoon Cuts too.