A Most Memorable Day

Happy Birthday to my boy! I can't even believe he is four. Last night after we said goodnight to the three-year old, Andrew and I sat down to look at the scrapbooks (can you believe there is more than one!) of his first year. We can't believe how grown up he is. Now he is four!

When he started to fuss about something today, he stopped himself and said, "No I'm not going to get upset about silly things anymore because I'm four." And what self knowledge and awareness....the day of his birthday he was so tired after a long trip to the doctor, he decided he was tired and took a nap. Then later that evening when he still had more presents to open, he decided he would open one more and then open the rest in the morning because he was tired. Man, he's better than I would be.

After a most awesome birthday party (the weather did hold out for us), we chanced a trip to our favorite restaurant Euro Bistro with my parents and brother/sister in law. The kids were angels through the late dinner and even slept in for us this morning.


Carter & Hadley said...

Happy Birthday Alex!!!

Nicole said...

Great stuff!

My little guy just turned 4 in Dec and it seems to be a little turning point. Your son sounds awesome!

Good job mom :)