Terrible Tuesdays

We are a routine family. I like structure, routine and predictability and so do our kids. They wake up at the same time, take a nap everyday around the same time and definitely go to bed at the same time. Part of it is for them, but most of it is for me.

When my both my kids started preschool in September three mornings a week, I thought we had a the perfect balance--three days of school and structure, two days of freedom to do whatever we want. However, since the school year started we have struggled every single Tuesday. My kids get up and ask "What are we doing today? What's the plan?" Have I gotten them so acclimated to routine that they can't handle one day off?

It seems only to be on the Tuesday after we've had the crazy not structure of the weekend and then a full Monday of routine. "What about Friday?" people ask. Well, Friday has a whole different feel to it because it's Friday and I'm joyously celebrating the impending weekend.

So to solve my Terrible Tuesday troubles, I signed my oldest up for a soccer class at 9 a.m. (How suburban mom am I?) I was sure this would solve our Tuesday issue. Now, six weeks into our soccer class, ever Tuesday still proves to be a giant cluster for our family.

Today we attempted soccer, a hair cut for my daughter and a VERY brief trip to Target--with bribes, mind you, and by the time we were home, I needed children in rooms so I could take a deep breath. Perhaps it's that we're doing too much on Tuesday to make up for the lack of structure. Perhaps it's that I expect a Terrible Tuesday every Tuesday so expectations are preset. Perhaps it's that Tuesday is just silly day. Thank goodness next year someone will be in school on Tuesday.

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