Good Old Fashioned Play

Sorry for the lack of posts recently. We've been outside almost all day everyday. I am loving the fabulous weather lately--warmer temps blooming trees and flowers. It's making afternoons fun and easy for everyone. No need to try to find things for us to do. I open up the door and we're out until at least dinner. Our townhouse neighborhood is completely set up for this as the kids are able to roam from yard to yard and then play in the common areas with everyone's toys. Neighorbors are generous about watching kids while someone sprints inside or grabs some snacks or drinks.

My kids come home every evening completely filthy and legs covered in scrapes from climbing trees or going on "adventures" with their friends. It's the good old fashioned play I remember as a kid when we played outside everyday after school. Who wants to be inside when you can enjoy spring in Virginia?

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Heather said...

It has been great (except for the pollen factor!). This is exactly why I love our neighborhood. My kids really enjoy your endless supply of snacks!