Margarita Mama: Mocktails for Moms-to-Be

When I first received this book in the mail for me to review, I must admit I laughed. Someone came up with a book just for 'mommy- to-be' safe drinks? Seriously!

But I was pleasantly surprised at how clever Margarita Mama turned out to be. To be honest, I used to make my own mocktails (aka the Mama-rita) during my first prengancy. A few of them are actually in here like the Sparkling Cosmopolitan, Pregnant Punch and Hot Mama. Do you see how cute this is? By my second pregnancy, I was mixing sparkling water with a bit of real wine (no, not everyday!) for my own sanity of having to deal with being pregnant and having a not-yet-one-year old.

This is a great little gift book for a new mom-to-be. Not only do the drink names include things like Car Seat, Baby Shower Shake, Cranberry Crib, but each drink comes with a little humor before about being pregnant. Some even come with tips, like when to install the car seat or why blueberries are so good for you.

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