Pit Stop

This was a first for us. On the way home from school, Alex announces he has to go pee pee right now and cannot wait. I pull over into the parking lot of a business park. He pees by a tree--out in the open. Just as he finished up a man comes out for a smoke break. We've done the peeing at the park. This pulling over for an emergency pit stop was a first for me. After we were done, Alex asked if he got a treat since he was able to hold it and not go in the car. Treat? I don't think so!

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Charisse said...

Linda!!! I found your blog via classmates. I don't know what possessed me today, but I signed up and looked out of curiosity. Glad to have found you though. Your little babies are cute and your photo looks great too. We are going to DC later this month to visit my brother. How far is Reston? Let me know if you are up for lunch/dinner.