We Came, We Read, We Conquered the Library

The library is like this looming building. One reason is because my kids tend to leave a trail of books behind them. Second, usually at least one computer is messed up afterwards, and we've usually pissed off a few library goers in the meantime.

Today....we conquered the library!

I am still in disbelief and unsure of how we finally, after four years, mastered this feat. After this morning's yoga class, when I felt at peace with the world momentarily, I decided because of the rainy drizzle we'd stop off and pick up a few books. The rules for the kids were: "No running. No screaming. No touching the computers."

We walked in with an agenda and this time, I had a list of books. Alex wanted a kids book on The Hunchback of Notre Dame, Pippi Longstocking and book on flags. We managed to pick up a few others on the solar system, Madeline and Lyle the Crocodile. I was able to browse the books in both the children and the Junior Reference section, which my kids...get this...sat at the tables and read! There was no running, no screaming and no playing computers.

Our only issue was I found Anna in the stacks giggling with three older boys (about age 6). What does that say about her? I asked what she was doing. Her response, "I'm playing with they boys." I told her not to tell her daddy about it.

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littlepinkpansy said...

Oh good...so there's hope for the future! We're not there quite yet!