Battle of the Buckets and Bubbles

Today was day three of the swim lessons. Anna and I had a pep talk this morning about what she was expected to do: go into the water, play the games and not cry. She didn't have to put her head under the water. She just had to play. She agreed and I went on to bribe both kids. I have no shame. The deal was, listen to the teacher, play the games the best you could and each would get a lollipop afterwards. Alex was revved up about the lollipop for sure. Anna agreed she could try.

We get there and she checks out the situation. Her instructor Andy is with another class. She talks about Andy and decides he's OK and she's going to play. Her class begins and she walks right on over and gets into the pool. The first activity: pouring water on their heads with a bucket. Did Anna like this? Nope. Did this help Andy win over Anna? No way! She screamed and cried and fussed. She stayed in the water for a bit, and then got out and sat and cried some more. She cried so much I finally had to go over and hold her hand to get back into the water and they stayed there.

Andy tried to get her to blow bubbles--which she will do--but she emphatically said no! "I will NOT blow bubbles for you!" So here we are. Almost halfway through swim lessons and Anna refuses to participate. Money well spent, I think.

He has asked me to send her back tomorrow, and he'd try to have the other instructor work with her instead. But I think this might be a wash. This my Anna. One who doesn't give into peer pressue. One who does what she wants to do. One who wants what she wants. What she wants is not to have anything to do with swimming, at least not with Andy.

Is this fear of the water or is this a power play game?

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