Being Savvy in DC with Little Ones

When you live in a large area like the DC area, it can be overwhelming to find the right things to do with your children. Living in Alexandria is a whole world away from Silver Spring. Living in Reston means never having to drive into the District or down to Springfield. When wanting to get out of your normal area, it's important to get information on museums, parks, playgrounds, etc. before making the trip across town.

I love this new site Being Savvy: Washington DC. It's part blog, part local resource for things to do with with small kids. As a bonus, the site links to other cities, which is just perfect for vacationing with toddlers/preschoolers. So if you're visiting Atlanta this summer and need things to do with kids or moving to Austin, you have a wealth of information in one location. As a bonus, I'm featured today on the DC site since my friend Tech Savvy Mama is the editor for this site.

In addition, the site offers preschool information for almost any major area in the country, including registration deadlines, tuition prices and reviews (you have an opportunity to review as well). I wished I'd known about this while I was doing preschool research.

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