Summer Has Kicked In

They don't call it the lazy days of summer for nothing. Alex's first camp is over and it left me little time to blog or get anything done. My inlaws have left and I'm getting back into the routine from that. But the problem seems to be my will to do the day-to-day business. We get up and hang out. We run a few errands and come back for a rest. Then we head to the pool. There's the problem.

All afternoon at the pool. We race home and I managed to figure out some kind of meal that's not too nasty for my kids to eat and then it's bedtime.

When do I get all my stuff done. The laundry lays in big piles to wash, fold or put away. The dishes are everywhere. The house is a mess. Somehow summer off for them means summer off for me. Forget about blogging, who has the time.

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littlepinkpansy said...

Amen, sister! This is what I've been doing too!