Sweet and Sour Chicken, Please

Summertime means I'm no longer in the mood to cook. My tiny house heats up with the stove and/or oven to a very uncomfortable temperature--even with the AC on. We're out too late at the pool anyway, and that means dinner is a mad dash to the finish line.

Our eating-out rate tends to increase during the summer months. After we get tired of the same old kid-friendly places, we venture to some more interesting, "worldly" establishments. But how do I manage my two preschoolers in a restaurant? After reading this post last week, I realized there is a resturant type that caters to kids. It's not McDonalds or Chick fil' A or Chuck E. Cheese's. It's your neighborhood Asian restaurant.

It wasn't until the last successful night out with the kids that I realized the trick.

Asian restaurants (some, but not all) provide the following:

--Fish tanks with fish or live lobsters. This alone can take away some of the pain of waiting for food to arrive.

--Staff which tends to be a bit older and friendlier towards kids.

--Chopsticks, fortune cookies and fried foods.

--An assortment of meat and rice/noodles. Most which kids will eat. (Stash in some extra packets of ketchup and you're golden!)

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Jessica @ A Bushel and a Peck said...

We do get take-out a lot in the summer for the same reasons. But you're right about the Asian restaurants--my kids LOVE going out for sushi...they play with chopsticks, eat their weight in edamame, and shovel california rolls in as fast as they can. Its a win-win situation, cause hubs and I love it too.