"He Needs a Weapon!"

These were the exact words from the lips of my son while we were together drawing a picture. The activity goes like this. We draw a picture of a person together. I drew the head, he drew the body. I drew an arm, he immediately went for the end of the arm (where a hand should be) and said "now he needs a gun. What? Seriously. Is this kid crazy? Why does it always have to be about a weapon, I think. So of course the next words out of his mouth are "Ok, how about a sword?" No. So his follow up is, "What kind of weapon can I draw in there?" After we talked at length about why it doesn't always have to be a gun, sword, stick or bomb (that's the latest thanks to my husband introducing him to smoke bombs for July 4th), he agreed on drawing candy and an ice cream cone. Clearly second place to a weapon.

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