Random Thought: Indian Dance

I'm currently at my parents' house with the kids for some R&R (well, as much as you can get with the kids still around). But I have had some time to actually think for a change--think beyond giving my kids the basic necessities like food, clothes and water. For a fleeting moment, as I was driving back from an errand, I thought I might like to take an Indian dance class. A little unknown secret is I really enjoy Bollywood movies. How fun would it be to dance like that? When would I have the time between kids, blogging, book writing. But maybe, just maybe I could fit it on my list of "extracurricular" things to do like scrapbooking, photography, music. Would I look good in a sari?

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Kate said...

I have one you can borrow. My friend brought it back for me from India. Where do you watch Bollywood movies anyway? Did you ever see "The Guru"? Not that new Mike Myers movie - it's from several years ago and there were some great Bollywood dancing scenes. Here is a link I found for it: http://www.channel4.com/culture/microsites/G/guru/.