Why Don't Doctors Have Childcare?

After a terrible night's sleep for the fourth night, I finally succumbed to calling the doctor this morning to make myself an appointment. The good news: I got in early. The bad news: I got in early (translation: need to find babysitter fast.) It's a bit difficult to find a babysitter for a 10 a.m. appointment that morning.

I called a few people, but they had plans already. The reason for my desperation was this exact time last year -- when I had similar symptoms -- I brought both kids to the doctor twice. The last time I went the doctor made a comment about my "energetic children" who had totally destroyed the examining room while we waited. Needless to say after she implied I couldn't control my own kids, I changed practices.

But my memory of that disastrous visit still lingers in my mind. So I was set on pawning at least one kid off on a fellow mom friend for an hour.

After realizing I would have to be brave and try to do it on my own and had a pep talk with the kids on doctor office etiquette, my friend called and saved me. As a mom of four children, she gets the prize for thinking outside the box on this problem. We agreed to meet at the YMCA where she would check both my kids in, with hers, while she worked out. The doctor's office is about two minutes away so if there was a problem I would be able to get over there quickly enough.

Wow, babysitting problem solved without anyone having to actually babysit. Still wouldn't be easier if the doctor's office had childcare?

The irony of this exercise this morning was that I, indeed, did make it over there in time without any children. However, the lady that booked my appointment never actually put it on the calendar so when I go there the receptionist told me I didn't have an appointment.

Conversation went like this:
Lady: We don't have you down for an appointment
Me: Well, you better put me down because I called at 8:30 and booked one for 10:15 and managed to find a babysitter in 30 minutes. So I'm not leaving until someone sees me.
Lady: OK, we'll try to fit you in.
Me: Does that mean try to fit me in this morning or sometime around my appointment because I have to get my kids at 11:30?

They did manage to squeeze me (I'm sure they were saying nasty things about me) and alas, the verdict was a bad head cold which requires lots of rest. I don't see that happening anytime soon unless she's going to take my kids. The only drugs I got out of the gig was codeine, which she assured me would help me rest at night. No shit.


Rachel Stinson said...

Try Shower Soothers-- they are like big alka selzer tablets you put in the floor of your shower and steam your room up with.

leels said...

hope you are feeling better!