Daddy Here. Daddy Gone. Daddy Here Again.

August is a difficult month for us. August = Daddy traveling. My kids have a really hard time to adjusting to him being gone, then coming back and leaving again and coming back home. They don't know if going to work means not seeing him for 8 hours or 10 days.

Everytime my husband leaves we have a routine. My kids are bad. Bad (B-A-D) for about two days. I wish it wasn't the case, but that's the day. After about five days, my kids stop asking about daddy. Until this the latest trip to Europe. My kids were fully aware of daddy being gone. Alex was wondering about his dad being kidnapped. Anna wanted to know if we'd ever see him again. He returned on a Friday and left again Monday morning. They asked for me to sing the songs that my husband sings. No can do. I don't know them. This time before bed when he's here....is special dad/child time.

But I'm reading for August to be over so that daddy is back for good.

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Anonymous said...

What does your husband do that he comes and goes so?
Sometimes I wish mine would go for 5 days ;)
Anna from BC