Dragons and Pad Thai

This afternoon, in an attempt to kill some time, the kids and I hit the Asian Festival in Reston. If you are following the Olympics (which I haven't yet gotten into since we don't have TV), then this event is worth it for you and the kids. Lots of Chinese Olympic fanfare! But there is so much more. The kids and I hit the one of the three stages and saw some traditional Thai dancers (aka to Anna as dancing fairies). They were followed by a martial arts school and their Chinese dragons. My kids thought this was the best part. The food lineup was fabulous: Thai, Indian, Filipino, Chinese, Japanese, and more. Although the food was the main draw for my kids--with Satay, meatballs and Pad Thai.

Besides the food, there was tons of crafts and exhibits. My kids were stuck on a stick dancing display of people who dance over sticks to the beat of music. Alex was mesmerized and even asked if he could try it. Then chickened out at the last minute.

The best thing: the whole thing is free! If you haven't gone yet, check it out tomorrow.

And as a side note for those that know me, this was the first event ever where we didn't have to quickly find a bathroom or use the port-a-potty. Yay!!


AmyS said...

Woo Hoo! No trips to the porta potty for you! High fives to all of you! I saw the festival yesterday and hope to check it out today. Hope Wolftrap was fun for you, too...

boysgonewild said...

Thanks for the recommendation. We went Sunday and had a great time.