Vacation Hangover

So we're back and unpacked and still trying to get the house pulled together after almost two weeks away.

Our trip started in Richmond where I dropped off the kids with Grandma and Grandpa. My flight for Boston left at 7 a.m. the next morning which meant I had to leave my parents house at 5 a.m. to get there on time. What made this so exciting was that my son woke up at 4:30 to pee (so I didn't need the three alarms to wake me up but upon returning to his bed the shared room with Anna, he woke up Anna....for the day. I'm very sure my parents were excited about that. Anna awake at 4:30 and mom on her way to the airport.

So Boston was awesome. I basically ate my way through and walked off the excess I ate. I did the Freedom Trail, the North End, Harvard, Beacon Hill, the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston Commons, Newbury Street and then spent the rest of the time lying on the grass reading a book. It was a perfect vacation away from the kids. By the end I missed them and was tired of walking around Boston. Vacation success.

We returned on Friday night to Richmond and drove down to North Carolina on Saturday morning. The beach was an interesting contrast to Boston, but it was relaxing nonetheless....even with the sand everywhere. The kids were in heaven with the endless amount of sand and water. Who knew sand could be so entertaining. Even our house down there had a giant sand pit, and I thought the kids would be bored of sand after the beach....nope. The vacation continued with eating and drinking and drinking and eating. Unfortunately, I wasn't doing the same amount of walking I did in Boston. The result = Fat Mama! While the scale SAYS I didn't gain weight, nothing fits and I look like my college self (my heaviest ever). So vacation left me relaxed and fat. Just one more thing to have to do upon returning...oh, that and catching up on the news. There wasn't a lot of TV watching so I missed an entire week of news.

This next week consists of:
--Working out
--Reading the news
--Responding to emails (all 400 of them)
--Catching up on blog posts
--Getting kids ready for school (starts NEXT week)
--Detox diet
--Working out (did I already say that?)
--Reprogramming my kids.

It's going to be a busy week here at our house.

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