All I Want for Christmas

Yes, yes. I know it's too early to be talking about Christmas. Though I will take this time to point out that my Target has Christmas stuff out....yes indeedy. They may think it's hidden behind the Halloween crap, but it's still out. Even if you hide, it's still there. Anyway, I digress....

All I want for Christmas is this super awesome Plasma car. My neighbor has one for her three-year-old son. And I know I'm too old for it, but I can still want it, right? Yesterday afternoon, the neighbor kids were playing in front of my house with all the toy cars, bikes and scooters. But this was by far, the most bad-ass one I've ever seen. Why? Because it's big enough for a grown up to ride and go flying down the street.

My neighbor joked that I would buy one and while my kids were in preschool....there would be Miss Linda....flying down our street enjoying the fall weather. Yep, she's right.

The thing about this car is you don't even need a hill to make it go. Just by turning the steering wheel, you can go on a perfectly flat surface. I only wish we had room for this in our house. Maybe some nice family member will buy this for us. Otherwise, I'm going to buy it for my friend and her three boys and go play at her house.


ARomero said...

We have one and my kids LOVE it! I love it too because I can ride it with Cameron. You guys can come over any time and play with it. (-: Also just an FYI, I bought it for my kids last year with my 20% off coupon at Tree Top Toys. Money well spent!

Anonymous said...

OK, so my local gym has this thing in the kids gym and YES, I have tried it and YES it is fun! It has no breaks though, or at least I didnt find them and ended up hitting a wall. Good times. Hope Santa brings it for you.
from Canada

Cara Fox said...

Oh yea. Gotta have it! Want me to get you one for your family gift too and then we can just each buy one for ourselves and save on shipping it to each other? : )