Just Another Wasted Trip to Target

I can easily count the number of times a week I go to Target--anywhere from one to three. I know it's excessive. Sometimes it's not to buy a lot, sometimes it's to return or just kill some time. I am a master at Target's seduction to buy, buy, buy. I can get out of there for under $30.

Yesterday's trip was a little different. I dragged my husband and two kids to pick up a few things. Andrew generously took the kids to the toys while I quickly shopped. You'd think without the kids around, I'd do bettr without the distraction.

Here are the items I purchased:

--Laundry detergent
--Night Light for the kids' bathroom
--Sandwich bags
--Toilet Paper
--Socks for Anna
--Underwear for Anna
--Raincoat for Alex
--Package of wipes

I'm not sure what was going on in my head while I had NOT A SINGLE CHILD NEAR ME, but I managed to royally screw up the trip, necessitating not just one, but two trips back for returns.

--Night Light (turns out the kids' bathroom outlet only works when the light is ON. You certainly don't need a nightlight if the light is on, now do you?)
--Underwear for Anna (Somewhere in my browsing for cute panties, I managed to pick up size 10 for her, she's a size 4.)
--Socks for Anna (Got too small a size.)
--Concealer (Picked out the wrong shade.)

This by far, is the worst shopping record for me on purchases vs. returns. I think I need a Target break for a while.


Kate Coveny Hood said...

And Target has a terrible return policy. I'm easily there 1-2 times a week. Just let me know if you'd like me to pick anything up for you.

ainsley said...

You were probably just so flustered NOT having the kids. I know I get so used to having mine with me and dealing with all the chaos that sometimes I don't know how to behave without them. ;)

Cara Fox said...

I would totally do this. And I'm not sure what frustrates me more - that I picked out the wrong size underwear or that I probably spent a good 20 minutes browsing underwear before I did so.

I am firmly convinced that motherhood kills brain cells.