On the Run at Target

She ran away from me today. I turned around and she was gone. No Anna as far as I could see. I called. No answer. I was terrified. I crouched down to look under the clothes racks. No little feet hiding in the clothes. I stopped and tried not to be panic. I knew where she had gone.

A few minutes before, we had misplaced the 99-cent lip gloss we'd planned to buy. "Mommy, where did you put it? I gave it to you so we wouldn't leave it behind." Yes, yes. I'm a bad mommy. "Let me finish up here, and we'll go back and get another one."

She screams at me: "No, mommy. Now." As I turn around to hurry up and finish the task at hand, I turn back around to negotiate some more, and she was gone. A Target saleslady was standing there, watching this whole exchange, and she saw me panic. "Do you remember what my little girl looks like? Can you help me find her? I think I know where she went, but I need you to stay here in case she comes back."

I'm running through Target screaming "Anna!" I see her in the distance (across the store) standing at the lip gloss picking out the one she wanted with two other moms standing nearby, keeping and eye on her. I scooped her up and we left--without the lip gloss of course.


Kate Coveny Hood said...

Oh my god - that's terrifying. It's happened to me once or twice. Worst thing a small child can do to a mother!

Cara Fox said...

Yuck. Now you will have to avoid Target AND TJ Maxx! Poor Lindy.

Tech Savvy Mama said...

I swear when they do things like this, it shortens our lives by 5-10 years! Absolutely terrifying but I'm glad you found her quickly!