You Can't Ever Be Fully Prepared

I arrived at the gym 8 minutes before my kickboxing class. I was stoked that I managed to be so efficient this morning, got hubby to take daughter to school and son and I were ready for the good ole' YMCA. Stopped in to make a pit stop before class only to find out Dear Aunt Flow decided to visit two weeks too early. My purse contents contained: water bottle, head phones for the gym, wallet, cell phone, sunscreen, wrappers of cough drops, a few crayons, wipes, bug spray. Contents of purse did not include tampon. OK, no problem. I dropped in at EVERY bathroom at the Y only to find out they do not stock feminine products. I ran into one friend and one former preschool teacher. I had no shame in begging for help. No help.

I was going to have to ask the front desk. There was no negotiating around this issue right now. Alex was dropped off at the gym's childcare already. I was mentally prepared for my class. No way was I going to miss it, and no way would I be able to go through it without something. So, I swallowed my pride and asked the front desk.

Fortunately, I hadn't been the only stupid person because she said she'd been asked the same question on Friday. Ha! That made me feel better. She went and asked another coworker. She couldn't find any. But she had one in her purse. Nope, she'd brought the wrong purse. She went to dig through some more places and then another coworkers asked if she could help. I now have three women looking. Sure enough, they found one and I was saved.

Good thing, because it was a great workout! I imagine to have everything in my bag to prepare me for anything, except this. Stupid period.

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