Everything Goes with a Mad Housewife

What do you get when you mix a bunch of mom bloggers with a wine party from Mad Housewife Cellars?

Chatty fun and lots of sharing.

Before I continue on, let me explain how I know all these moms. I write for DC Metro Moms every few weeks--usually when I get my two-week reminder that I haven't posted in a while. [Doah!] I started blogging with this group almost exactly a year ago. It's a great mix of moms--some who work, some who don't. And their professional backgrounds range from lawyers, scientists, doctors, teachers, writers, social workers, etc.

So when we all get together, the thing everyone likes to do is talk. Nicole hosted this wonderful event on Saturday with three cases of wine from Mad Housewife Cellars. How was the wine? Not too bad. Even more fun with a bunch of crazy mom bloggers (Sue, Jean, KC, Susan, Claire Jess, Leticia, Diana, and MamaBird) who talked about KC's bean and cheese dish she ate before the event, Diana's cat who accidentally nursed from her pre-baby lactating breast and her fear of clowns (like mine), Leticia's chance to be principal for an hour at school, and Whymommy's new work out commitment.

That's the thing about bloggers. We all have already shared too much with people we don't know. Imagine what happens when you bring a little wine into the picture. You have a bunch of Mad Crazy Housewives!!

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Stimey said...

It was great to see you. I love DC Metro Moms events!