Happy Halloween!

This post is for the mainly for me. You can read it if you like. But Halloween has really been developing for us as a family. Let me start out by saying that pre-kids I hated Halloween. I thought it was a silly holiday only meant for kids…which it really is. Except the year my husband and I went as a double shot of scotch. We were both wearing kilts and carried big syringes I made from paper towel rolls. I love that one….. ha!

Anyway, I digress. So Halloween was never one of my big holidays. Enter Alex. For his first Halloween, he was dressed up as a pumpkin in an outfit WAY too hot for Qatar in October. I don’t even think we did trick or treating. It wasn’t popular in our small no kid compound. So I had a baby Halloween party at my house. Alex was seven months….I had just found out I was pregnant.

The next Halloween we were in Sweden. In fact, we had just received our crate of belongings and luckily my mom had sent us some Halloween costumes because I could barely get out for groceries let alone to get Halloween costumes done. I did manage a pumpkin carving while Andrew was at work and we trick or treated at the only house on the street that was decorated for it. Ironically it was a Swede who loved Halloween. Who knew?

Our first Halloween back in the States was a bit rocky. We had just moved in and started getting settled. Alex asked to be a giraffe and I couldn’t find a costume. So began my trend at making costumes without the sewing. We went to about four houses and called it a night.

Last year when my kids were 3 ½ and 2, it finally started getting fun. They loved the idea of pumpkin carving and couldn’t wait for the fun to begin. Once again they requested costumes, or at least Anna did, that were hard to find. After working for a few weeks on making a caterpillar costume, I fell in love with the idea of trying to create without sewing. They loved walking the neighborhood in the dark and hanging out at home eating candy was just about as fun as going door-to-door.

And here we are at this…..Halloween may be becoming one my most favorite holidays.


Kate Coveny Hood said...

I love those costumes. I'm afriad of what my kids' costumes will look like when they come back from daycare...

Heather said...

Great post! Hadley and I loved looking at the pictures.

Stimey said...

They're so cute! We had that very same frog costume. All tree of my kids used it AND a neighbor kid as well.