I Got Kisses Today

My daughter is a very touchy, lovey little girl--always wanting to be held and cuddled. It was nice after having my son who really never wanted to be held. I savor the moments where he wants to sit with me. This morning as he got out of the car for school, he unbuckled his seat belt and came up to give me, not just one, but a string of kisses. I feel so blessed followed by "I'll miss you at school today, mommy." My heart melted.


Casey said...

Ok, I'm completely stalking you since I followed you over from baby bunching!
Your kids are adorable, I love that picture of your son hugging your daughter! It's awesome that your son is showing affection. Mine is in the wiggly/don't touch me phase right now but every once in awhile he'll come by for a drive-by kiss or he'll crawl into my lap for a snuggle, I love it!

Stimey said...

They have us wrapped around their pinky fingers, don't they?