Moms Take Charge

In case you missed all the hoopla earlier this week in mommy blogging land, I'll catch you up. Motrin ran a commercial on the web and various other venues about pain and babywearing. You can catch up on the details over at Baby Bunching.

What I love about mommy bloggers is their power to take charge. Within a 48-hour period, a few influential mom bloggers twittered away at their digust for this ad and they had a Fortune 100 company (Johnson & Johnson) at their feet. And sure enough, their site was down and so was the ad.

I am proud to be writing with these powerful women. Look they were even mentioned in Advertising Age. I'm curious about your take on the ad as well.


Kathcolo said...

Hey there! I'm over visiting from Cara's site and had NO IDEA about this! I plan to baby wear my kiddos not because it is cute, trendy or the chic mommy thing to do. I plan to do it because I WANT my little ones close and truly feel it is the best way to carry around my kids and save myself from lugging the monster baby travel systems all over the place. If my baby weighs 15 pounds and the baby carrier weighs 10, I think that is causing a lot more harm t my shoulders, back, etc. than just carrying my little one next to me. Great site!! I really enjoy it!

diane said...

I thought the add was stupid. Very transparent and not at all clever. Additionally it is the third "hip-trendy" add that I have seen in the past week to utilize the funky font words all over the screen. Not very original either.

Jessica Gottlieb said...

Thanks, I'm delighted for the mention and consider myself to be in very good company with you.